Paranormal After Dark Boxed Set

Paranormal After Dark cover

It’s 2016. Are you hungry for more paranormal and supernatural reads? Then look no further!

Check out the Paranormal After Dark boxed set, which includes 20 novels from USA Today and Amazon Bestselling authors (yours truly included) for an unbelievable price of only $2.99, or for free if you’re a part of the Kindle Unlimited program.

Here’s the masterlist of titles and authors:

  • A Dose of Brimstone by Noree Cosper
  • End of Dreams by Kim Faulks
  • Haunt by Hambel Curley
  • Dark Crossings by Ann Simko
  • Seattle 2052 by Calinda B. Headspace
  • The Other F-Word by Susan Stec
  • Unleashed by Rachel McClellan
  • Hidden Intentions by Stacy Claflin
  • The Complete Bloodling Serial by Aimee Easterling
  • She Who Fights Monsters by Kyoko M
  • St. Charles at Dusk by Sarah M. Cradit
  • Wicked by Nature by Madison Sevier
  • Underlife by Marissa Farrar
  • Dragon’s Redemption by Eden Ashe
  • Milan’s Return by Grae Lily
  • The Breaker’s Code by Connor Kressley
  • The Medium by M. R. Graham
  • Wiccan Wars by Heather Marie Adkins
  • Carpe Noctem by Katie Salidas
  • A Question of Faith by Nicole Zoltack

This is a limited edition boxed set that won’t be around forever, so please take advantage of that killer price tag, grab yourself a copy, and spread the word! It is greatly appreciated. You can also add it to your Goodreads shelf for a future reading date.

Happy reading, folks! Stay tuned for news of my upcoming new fantasy series as well.

Kyoko M.

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