The Black Parade is now on Scribd!

They grow up so fast. *sobs*

I’m back, bb!

That’s right! My little book has found a new home at Scribd, thanks to Smashwords. They’re actually this really nifty service where you can read all kinds of books for free (and some of them paid) the way Netflix allows you to rent movies.

It’s been a while since my last post and that’s because I am furiously working on The Deadly Seven–a short story collection from The Black Parade series that takes place in the two month period before the third act of the book where Jordan and Michael are learning to live alongside each other. So far, it’s looking to be released late April/early May. Anyone who signs up for the mailing list gets the first chapter for free.

Stay tuned for all-new excerpts and giveaways!


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