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Back to Black Goodreads Giveaway!

Cover art by Marginean Anca of Brose Designz

It’s that time of year again! Please enter to win a paperback copy of my newest novella, Black to Black! Deadline is October 18, 2017. Don’t miss your chance to grab the thrilling adventures of Seers Jordan Amador and Myra Bennett, exclusive to the Creatures boxed set.

Want to read the first chapter? Go here and get crackin’! 

Of Cinder and Bone Paperback Giveaway

Cover art by Agata Broncel

Cover art by Agata Broncel

We’re just one month away from the release of my all-new first-in-series, Of Cinder and Bone. Now’s the time to secure yourself a copy for your bookshelf. Enter here for a chance to win a free signed paperback copy via Goodreads.

If you’re more of an eBook reader, don’t distress! If you’re willing to post a review 30 days from its release date, you can request an Advanced Reader Copy at or wait until release day, when I’ll be giving away copies via Facebook release party. Stay tuned for more!

The Holy Dark Goodreads Giveaway


Enter to win a free signed paperback copy of The Holy Dark. Deadline is April 24, 2015. Don’t miss your chance!

She Who Fights Monsters Goodreads Giveaway



It’s finally here! Enter to win a paperback copy of the sequel to The Black Parade. All it takes is a second and you could be holding this beauty in your hand before anyone else. Giveaway ends July 22, 2014, on the release day, so enter now!

Stay tuned for more excerpts and goodies!