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She Who Fights Monsters Virtual Launch Party




Colbert Celebrating


Yes, two weeks from today, the second novel in the Black Parade series will be on bookshelves. Join me at the Facebook virtual launch party for a chance to win a free copy as well as other magnificent prizes. C’mon, you know you want to. It’s gonna be fun. See you there.

In the meantime, don’t forget to enter the Goodreads giveaway for it and win yourself a free paperback copy signed by yours truly.



She Who Fights Monsters – Plot Reveal



The upcoming sequel to The Black Parade hits July 22, 2014. Here’s your official book blurb and plot reveal!

Michael O’Brien. 25. New Yorker. Lead guitarist. Commander of Heaven’s Army.

Jordan Amador. 22. New Yorker. Waitress. Investigator for souls with unfinished business, also known as a Seer.

The dynamic supernatural duo is in the middle of trying to solve a deadly case. Someone is methodically hunting down and murdering Seers one by one. After six months with no leads on the killer, Jordan and Michael are forced to work with their worst enemy—the archdemon Belial: a self-professed Prince of Hell who is dead set on stealing Jordan for himself. However, with the archdemon’s help, they pick up on the trail of the serial killer and plan to stop him no matter what the cost.

When the shocking truth behind the murderer’s identity is revealed, Jordan begins asking herself if she is still fighting for the good guys or has she become one of the monsters she is desperately trying to stop?

Excited yet? You can read an excerpt from Chapter 1 already.

The next chapter will be posted sometime soon as well as the reveal of the book cover. I’m also going to run a giveaway on Goodreads starting June 22, 2014, if everything goes according to schedule. We’re also going to do another virtual book launch since the first one went pretty well, so I hope you’ll join me for that as well.

Keep your eyes peeled for more!


The Deadly Seven Blog Tour Round Up

The Deadly Seven Banner 450 x 169

Hell of a week, my darlings.

Hell of a week.

So in that regard, here are all the stops we’ve made that haven’t been posted since yours truly has been stuck working long hours at her day job.

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Roxanne’s Realm – Guest Post “The Deadly Seven soundtrack”

Paranormal Romance and Authors That Rock – Spotlight

With each post, you still have a chance to enter to win a free copy of The Deadly Seven, either in paperback or eBook. Thanks for all your support! It’s been a fun tour!



The Deadly Seven Blog Tour – Stop #2

The Deadly Seven Banner 450 x 169

Evening, folks! Stop Number Two on The Deadly Seven’s blog tour is over at Mila Ramos’ blog. There’s a spotlight and excerpt ready for you to enjoy. Thanks and see you tomorrow for Stop #3!


The Deadly Seven – Free on Amazon!


Well, it’s finally here!

The Deadly Seven is free to purchase on Amazon all day today. Swoop in and grab yourself a copy.

The Black Parade is also free all day today, May 9, via Smashwords, so grab a copy if you haven’t already.

We are also right in the middle of the virtual book launch party for The Deadly Seven, so please drop in for your chance to win prizes.

Thanks for your support!


The Deadly Seven Virtual Launch Party


Hey, you.

Guess what?

The Deadly Seven comes out this Friday. You know what you should do? Join us for the virtual launch party and win your own copy for free.

Here’s your invite. Dress classy. Top hats and monocles are a must.

If you can’t make the party, you can still win a free paperback copy. Don’t miss out!

See you guys on Friday!


The Deadly Seven – Cover Reveal and Plot Synopsis

That’s right, darlings! It’s finally here–the next installment to the Black Parade series, The Deadly Seven–a short story collection that takes place in medias res of The Black Parade, between book two and book three. Take a gander.


Michael O’Brien. 24. New Yorker. Musician. Archangel in charge of Heaven’s army.

It’s been centuries since Michael stayed on Earth for an extended amount of time. Now he’s here because of Jordan Amador–a Seer who helped him restore his  life and memories and thwart the archdemon Belial from taking over the city. With Jordan on Belial’s hit list, Michael decides to stick around and live out life alongside her as her friend and temporary bodyguard. But, as the days pass, he finds it harder to resist the seven deadly sins that tempt all men. Especially as he and Jordan grow closer fighting the demons that want her almost as much as he does…

This short story collection is set for release May 9th, 2014. You can add it to your own To Be Read bookshelf here, and in two days, I’ll post a link to the book giveaway that will run from now until the release day. You can also subscribe to the mailing list to read the first chapter for free.

And don’t worry–She Who Fights Monsters, the sequel to The Black Parade, is still on its way, and set for release July 22, 2014. Keep your eyes peeled to see an all-new excerpt in the back of The Deadly Seven. It’s gonna be a blast.

Additionally, The Black Parade is going to have its price dropped down to .99 cents on May 9th, and then become a free novel when She Who Fights Monsters is out. Just trying to sweeten the deal ’cause your Auntie Kyo loves you that much. See you soon!


UPDATE: The Deadly Seven’s giveaway is now LIVE! Enter to win a free signed paperback copy here.

Sketch of Michael the Archangel

So I had the talented Christina of Green Sketches draw our handsome hero, Michael. Take a look:

Michael commission by Christina Gilstrap


I personally think it’s the bees’ knees, if you’ll pardon the outdated slang. I thought it’d be fun to get some visuals for the main cast of The Black Parade, so tell me in the comments who you’d like to see next: Jordan, Belial, or Gabriel?

Speaking of which, we’re closing in on the release date for “The Deadly Seven.” I’ve started a contest on Facebook. Tell me who you think could play Jordan and Michael if the Black Parade ever got made into a movie. Best answer gets a free advanced copy of “The Deadly Seven,” which is looking to hit shelves in early April. Follow the link to the page and enter for your chance to win.

Plus, don’t forget to sign up for our mailing list. You’ll get all the goodies before anyone else.

See you soon!

Join our Mailing List!

You don’t want to make him angry. He’ll make you watch The Last Stand. It’s a fate worse than death, trust me.

So the first 10 people to sign up for our all new mailing list will get a free eBook copy of The Black Parade. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? You should totally do that right now. You don’t want to disappoint Ahnuld, do you? Go here  to be put on the mailing list and redeem your free copy. It’s also going to be your ticket to extra content not found on Twitter or Facebook. I promise to make it worth your while. *bats eyelashes*

In other news, there’s still two days left in The Black Parade’s GoodReads giveaway. I’m absolutely thrilled to see that 189 people have requested to win. That’s fantastic. I think I’m going to make this a regular thing since acquiring copies aren’t super-expensive thanks to CreateSpace and it seems to have engaged a good amount of people. The nicer part is that it’s boosted the book’s numbers on the To Read shelf, and so I hope that those people will someday take the plunge to read my novel whether they win the giveaway or not.

Additionally, we’re closing in on the months between now and when She Who Fights Monsters, the stunning sequel to The Black Parade, will be out on your virtual bookshelves. In case you missed it, there are two excerpts already posted and there’s more to come.

Stay tuned, my darlings!

And put that cookie down. NOW.

The Black Parade Six Month Anniversary

They grow up so fast. *sobs*

They grow up so fast. *sobs*

Can you believe it? My little novel turned six months old two days ago. I just…my FEELS…

Weepy puffy author-face aside, this merits celebration. Here’s a short story I wrote from a collection called “Seven.” It’s part of The Black Parade canon that takes place in the two month period between Book Two and Book Three, where Michael and Jordan are learning to coexist. It’s from Michael’s POV and each story deals with a different one of the Seven Deadly Sins. Michael is adjusting to human life, and to having  a platonic relationship with Jordan. Or it’s supposed to be platonic but he’s not so sure about that. I do hope you enjoy it.


One of the cushions on Jordan’s couch had a spring loose that kept jabbing me in the ass. The entire two hours I’d been here had been uncomfortable as a result. I really needed to convince her to get it fixed or replaced.

Heels clicked across the kitchen floor. I spotted Jordan out of the corner of my eye, one hand on her hip, the other buried in her dark shoulder-length hair.

“Hey, sorry, but can I bother you for a second?”

I glanced at her. She turned around. “I can’t get this stupid zipper up all the way. You mind?”

“No, it’s fine.” I stood and walked over to her. She held her hair out of the way and I started carefully maneuvering the zipper back down towards her waist. The dress was black, short, and form fitting. Tell tale signs that someone else had bought it for her, either Lauren or an old boyfriend. Jordan liked her dresses tight in the chest but loose around her legs. She had strange insecurities about her thighs.

“I can’t believe Lauren’s making me go on a blind date,” Jordan grumbled for what had to be the thousandth time.

I shook my head. “Then don’t go.”

“I have to,” she whined. “I have this…pathological need to please everyone.”

I snorted. “You don’t have that with me.”

“That’s because you’re not a person. Ow!”

I pinched her side and felt an immense sense of satisfaction when she squirmed. “Could you be more ungrateful?”

“Fine, fine, I’m sorry. But it’s different with you. You don’t expect me to live up to your standards. Mostly because you don’t have any for me.”

She paused. “Actually, I kind of like that. Makes things less uncomfortable.”

“Mm-hm,” I said under my breath, trying to keep my eyes from sliding down her shoulders to the gap the back of the dress provided. The straps were thin and crisscrossed over her chest, but she was a classy girl and almost always wore a bra. This one appeared to be strapless. Not that it was important.

“Well, you never know. Maybe you’ll like the guy.”

“Oh, won’t that be great? Then I can lie to him too.”

I hesitated, sensing a deeper problem. “Is that what’s got you so stressed?”

“Sort of. It’s easier if I keep my friend circle small. I feel less like a jerk that way,” she admitted in a softer voice. I finally untangled the zipper and slid it all the way up, hiding her smooth skin once more. She let her hair fall around her shoulders and ran her hands down her hips, turning to face me.

“Thanks. Here’s hoping I don’t disappoint.”

I smiled, brushing a stray lock of hair behind her ear. “You won’t. He’d have to be an idiot not to like you. Especially in this dress.”

She sighed, pressing her forehead against my sternum, a habit of hers because of our height difference. I leaned against the counter behind me, making it a little easier on her.

“Are you sure I can’t stay home?”

“You’ll be fine. Plus, it’s a free meal and if he’s a jerk, we can eat ice cream and call him names when you get home tonight.”

Jordan chuckled. “You’re so mature.”

She laid her hands on my waist, which seemed to be her version of a hug when she didn’t feel like giving me a real one, and I wrapped my arms around her, resting my chin on the crown of her head. We stood there for a long moment, saying nothing. The longer we stayed there, the more things I started to notice; like the faint scent of shampoo and conditioner in her hair, and the satiny texture of the dress, and the way her body folded into mine like a missing puzzle piece, except not hard cardboard but rather soft curves instead. My mind began to wander into less angelic places before I could stop it. My arms held her a bit tighter and my knee involuntarily shifted to between her legs. I had trouble focusing on something other than the heat of her. Before I knew it, my lips touched her forehead and she shifted in my arms, meeting my eyes. Was I leaning down towards her face or was that just my imagination?

“I’d better get going,” she said, snapping me out of my thoughts. Immediately, I let go and slid my leg back, hoping she wouldn’t notice what had just transpired.

“Yeah, have fun.”

She disappeared into the bedroom to grab her purse and jacket before leaving the apartment. I rubbed my face with both hands and then ran my fingers through my hair. No big deal. Gabriel had told me there would be tests.

I definitely needed to start studying.

While I’ve got you here, don’t forget that the Black Parade giveaway is still going on from now until January 31st. Pop by and enter for your own signed copy. Thanks for all your support! See you on the pages, my dears!