Notice: Temporary Price Change for The Black Parade

TheBlackParade_Revised_2 copy

If any new readers are curious about why The Black Parade is no longer free on Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iTunes, or Smashwords, I’ve temporarily put it back as $2.99 for a reason. As I mentioned before, The Black Parade is part of the Secret Worlds boxed set along with 20 other urban fantasy and paranormal romance authors. It will be 21 novels for only .99 cents, and one of the conditions set by the author who organized the set is that my book cannot be free for the duration of the boxed set’s release. That means from May 1st to August 31st, it will be $2.99 on all platforms. Once the summer sale ends, it will go right back to being free for all.

However, I do still offer review copies for free and the book can be gotten for free if you sign up for the mailing list. Please support the boxed set because it’s a fantastic deal and full of phenomenal stories.


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