In Which Orlando Jones Broke Kyoko M

So this afternoon, Orlando Jones, actor/comedian extraordinaire, was asking for book recommendations. Being me, I of course jokingly tweeted: “Maybe next you can read my FREE urban fantasy novel starring a black woman [link] #NOSHAMEINMYGAME.”

Then I giggled at my own silliness and wandered off to draw for an hour.

I came back to discover the following:


Orlando Jones bought The Black Parade.

Guys, I was totally kidding but he really went and got my book.

I made a sound only dogs could hear.

I told my mother and she and I proceeded to run around my bedroom screaming “Oh my GOD!” like a couple of insane people.

I just felt the need to document this life-altering moment. I’m still convinced I’m in the Twilight Zone and the twist ending hasn’t happened yet. One of my favorite actors bought my novel. Yep. This is definitely the best thing ever.

If you’ll excuse me, I’ll be over here in the corner in the fetal position breathing into paper bags.

Oh, and go follow him on Twitter because he is HILARIOUS and he live-tweets Sleepy Hollow when it airs Mondays at 9:00pm.



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